С колелото и фотоапарата до Арашияма и обратно / With my bike and camera to Arashiyama and back

Днес беше топъл ден и отидох на урока си по икебана с колело. Моята учителка живеее в Арашияма, но този път единствено отидох до моста Тогецукьо, но сакурите още не са цъфнали, та дори не сметнах за нужно да вадя фотоапарата. Но по пътя си снимах доста – пролетта вече е тук.

It was a warm day today so I went to my ikebana lesson by bicycle. My teacher lives in Arashiyama, but I only rode to Togetsukyo bridge and because the sakura trees there aren’t blooming yet, I didn’t take any pictures. However on my way I did take lots of photos. The spring has come.


4 thoughts on “С колелото и фотоапарата до Арашияма и обратно / With my bike and camera to Arashiyama and back

  1. It seems you have visited Japan at the right season. One of my friends have visited last month, but had just missed all the cherry blossoms.
    Do you live in Japan or doing a tour of it?

    1. Yes, I live in Kyoto in Japan. I am really well acquainted with Kyoto and its temples and gardens. However this was my first ever trip to see Mt. Fuji, before I had only once a short glimpse at its top, protruding the clouds when I was flying from Narita airport in Tokyo. The cherry blossoms period was very short this year – it usually lasts about 2 weeks, but it rained almost all days in late March and early April and they were gone soon. It was a really bad luck for all the tourists who planned to come here for the cherry blossoms. I guess the rain ruined their trip and expectations.

      1. I like the name “About Kyoto with love”, presumably alluding to the Ian Fleming’s famous “From Russia with love”? It’s great 😀
        I’ve never been to Japan but my girlfriend is a huge fan of Japanese culture, we would love to visit at some point

      2. Well, I thought a lot how to name my site…I wanted this meaning! I love Kyoto! It’s my second hometown. I think it is the most beautiful town 🙂 I want to share here its beauty and uniqueness because I have the chance to take pictures in all seasons and in many places, something that not so many foreigners can do.
        The posts about Fuji will be a little exclusion, but once I am done with them, I will be back to Kyoto theme. I want to post not only current things, but pictures from my archives too.
        Japan is definitely worth visiting, especially in the spring or in the autumn. I hope you can really do a trip to Japan! If you don’t know – Kyoto is a popular place for couples. Many new-weds spend their honeymoon here. It is romantic and really interesting with its traditions.

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