Murasaki / Purple September

Murasaki is the word for purple in Japanese. The reason I named this post “Purple September” is that in Kyoto there are many purple flowers blooming in late September. And I definitely like the color!

So today I even went out on an “assignment” photo trip in Uji in order to find out and take pictures of purple flowers! 🙂 I live in Kyoto but Uji is just a hundred meters from my home – going West and crossing Yamashina river nearby and I am in Uji. However to get to the sightseeing area of Uji, with the famous Byodoin temple and the river, I must ride my bike for 40 min or so. Usually I take one street that brings me directly there. Along the street I see many flowers blooming in the different seasons, just because the Japanese people LOVE flowers and grow them everywhere.

So here are my findings from today!

This was just a part of what I was looking for. I know some other plants with purple colors. I took pictures of them recently. Have a look!

And for the end of the post – one cute little friend in purple! 🙂

DSC_0118 (2) copy
A little jizo!

Wait, I almost forgot!!! Do you know who Murasaki Shikibu is???

It is the first female novelist in the World! She was Japanese and lived in Uji and wrote the famous novel “The Tale of Genji”. Here is her monument in Uji, just South from Uji bridge.  is the Chinese character for purple.

DSC_0021 (2) copy


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