A lucky autumn walk

Today my husband and I went on a walk in our neighborhood to see some autumn leaves for free – I knew 2 places to visit where there is no fee: Hinotanjoin temple which is behing Hokaiji (this one is paid) and 15 min away from them on foot Kongooin temple. I had visited all those three before but now I wanted to see the maples and ginko trees around them.

What happened! Arriving at 日野誕生院, Hinotanjoin, we saw a reception desk and we thought they will ask us to pay…However we were told today is a special day for visiting and only people with some special pass can enter…Oh, what a disappointment!

DSC_0021 (2) copy

But then 2 women coming behind us suddenly pushed 2 passes in our hands and said: “Use them, you can enter! It’s OK!” 🙂 So we did! 🙂 While listening to the volunteer’s guide explanations in the temple’s hall but understanding almost nothing I saw that the pass includes 3 temples. It was a special event for this weekend only – promoting some culture and Buddhism things. The ladies said that their 2 friends had cancelled their trip in the last moment and they had these 2 passes and felt bad they will not be used. Giving them to us made us happy, maybe them even happier 🙂

DSC_0063 (2) copy
Autumn trees outside of Hinotanjoin

So we could go to 法界寺, Hokaiji too – for free, which has a big statue of Buddha, similar to the one in the famous Byodoin temple in Uji, and one more temple, 恵福寺, Eifukuji, with new building but keeping some old statues. And then we finished the walk with 金剛王院, Kongoin. It was a nice walk there and there were pretty good autumn colors to enjoy!

DSC_0127 (2) copy
Autumn in Hokaiji’s garden
DSC_0263 (2) copy
Picturesque autumn view in the grounds of Kongoin

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